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Our Story

11 Tigers is New York City’s first-ever speakeasy with a Thai heart and a Japanese soul. The marriage of these two culinary cultures is reflected in our menu, which includes small plates like Crying Tiger Gyoza and Thai Larb Tuna as well as larger dishes like 11 Tigers  Tom Yum Ramen—tonkatsu ramen with jumbo prawn—and Black Panther Curry, squid ink fettuccine in makrut lime scented Thai Panang curry topped with seared ribeye steak.

It’s a magical place where Thai sum yadong meets the Japanese izakaya with a healthy dash of American craft cocktails and sad, fierce, smoky, and old-fashioned tigers frolic together. Several of our libations are made with yadong, a traditional Thai liqueur infused with herbs that have been used as a health tonic and social lubricant for generations. It’s part of the fabric of Thai culture. People gather at sum yadong,  or roadside stands to drink and socialize, just like folks gather at izakayas in Japan. There are dozens of varieties, including one of the most popular 11 Tigers, from which we get our name. Our tribute to 11 Tigers yadong is made from gin steeped with 11 types of herbs, including lime peel, lemongrass, basil, chili, tamarind, star anise, and ginger.